The Great Khali Returns To WWE Battleground To Help Jinder Mahal

The Great Khali, a former World HeavyWeight Champion & hero of Jinder Mahal returned to WWE Battleground 2017 to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Title.

The Great Khali Returns To WWE Battleground 2017

It was a Punjabi Prison match at WWE Battleground 2017 when the former champion, The Great Khali returned after a long time. The match was for the WWE title between Randy Orton & Jinder Mahal. Randy Orton was dominating the Punjabi Prison Match. One who keeps his feet out of the Punjabi Prison first wins the WWE title.

The match was really exciting. Randy Orton eliminated Singh Bros & Stopped Jinder Mahal from climbing out of the Punjabi Prison. At that moment, it seemed that Randy Orton will win the WWE Title easily from The Modern Day Maharaja. But, then comes the real surprise and the turning point of the whole Punjabi Prison match, The Great Khali

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Jinder Mahal Retains WWE Title at BattleGround 2017

The Great Khali Returns to help his countrymen retain his WWE title at the Battleground 2017. The whole WWE crowd was surprised to see Khali after such a long time. Seeing Khali coming, Randy Orton tried to climb out of the structure but Khali climbed and kept Orton inside the structure. In that Moment, Jinder Mahal Climbs out of the Punjabi Prison and retains his WWE title.

Talking post match, Jinder Mahal said that the return of Khali to help retain his title went according to the plan.So it seemed a great plan of Mahal to win the Punjabi Prison Match. What are your views, do share with us.